Ciara is Winning

Have ya’ll heard Ciara’s new song?

Now to be honest, I’ve casually liked Ciara’s music over the years, but I can’t say I’ve been a fan. She puts out bops though, so if you turn her on at a party, I wouldn’t sit down.

This new song though?!

I love it so much!

Watching some of the foolery she’s had to deal with over the last couple of years has been super annoying to me. Seeing the negative things people had to say about her and are still saying despite her, her man, and their babies living their best lives is disheartening because bruh!! Most of y’all saying all that craziness don’t have the same energy when the roles are reversed, but I digress.

I remember when the blogs first started talking about her and Russell dating. Everyone said he was corny. I can’t front, just looking at him I thought the same thing lol. I didn’t know much about him except that he played football.

I remember thinking “How’d she go from Future to that?”

Then I saw this video clip of him that changed EVERYTHING for me:

The way he lights up when he talks about her.

The way that its CLEAR that he desires God to be in the center of their relationship.

He had my vote from then on.

Less than a year later they are engaged. It didn’t take him 10 years to figure out if she was God’s best for him and as soon as he had confirmation, he made that next move.

Which brings me to this song. Some of the words from the second verse is what got me:

“Things you do, things you say
Baby, I'm following, lead the way
I'm so glad I get to call you bae
Wish that everyone could feel this way, ayy
Ask God to take out everything toxic in my life and baby, He did
Tell me won't He do if it you going through it, baby, don't worry He will”

Now obviously I don’t know them, but its been really encouraging watching their relationship. To me it proves that:

*There are still men out there who desire to raise up a family in a way that puts God first.

*Once you stop entertaining the things that are below God’s standards for you, He’ll bless you with greater.

*What others think of you is truly none of your business.

They truly look happy together and hope that it stays that way.

Maybe that whole being with one person for the rest of your life thing isn’t so bad after all.

Go ‘head Ciara.