Transparent Tuesday 1/8


At this point, we've all seen or heard about #survivingrkelly. We've heard the accounts of women say the things he's done. We've seen the adults who helped him manipulate and sexually assault these girls. We've heard the professionals speak as to why it isn't just easy as leaving a person who's abusive or manipulative and with all that, I still hear:

*Why don't they do (insert white male celebrity name here) like this?

*Those girls shouldn't have been so fast.

*Well I can separate the music from the man.

*He was acquitted of those charges.

Etc, etc, etc...



I can't even front, it's disheartening and triggering to see those responses. I get it, in our society older men messing with underage girls is normalized, but that doesn't make it right.


And it's annoying seeing the artists that are now denouncing #RKelly say 'man I have a daughter.' Why does having a daughter make you realize that black women and girls deserve respect and protection? How about we are living and breathing humans?


If you are someone who feels like you can still rock with R.Kelly, I would genuinely like to understand why. Why does your enjoyment of his music take precedent over what he's done for almost 20+ years now?