Ki Day is Coming

What's poppin y'all!!

So if you've been reading my blog for a while (which if you have thank you!! You a real one!) then you know that September is a HUGE month for me because:


That's right!!

Ki Day is Coming!!!


If I'm keeping it all the way funky though, depression and I have really been having it out lately. I'm talking knock out, drag out fights lately and for a minute, depression was winning, but guess what?!


It's funny because most of my major life shakeups tend to happen around this time and this year isn't any different.

My perspective on it is though. I wrote about changed perspective a while ago, but recently, my change has gone to a whole other level.

"Lord, I trust you" and "Lord, I have faith in you" have pretty much been my mantra this year, but especially these last few months.


It only occurred to me a couple of days though to really break down what that means:

"Lord, I trust you."

Trust- assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed

assured- Characterized by certainty or security; very confident

So when I say, "Lord, I trust you," what I should be saying, what my heart should be declaring is:

Lord, I am relying on your character, ability, strength, and truth. I place full confidence in You with full certainty that You have my best interest at heart.

And if I'm confident in these things, then I should be able to relax because I know where my help comes from.

In the same vein:

"Lord, I have faith in you"

Faith- allegiance to duty or a person; belief and trust in and loyalty to God; something that is believed especially with strong conviction; complete trust.

Loyalty- Unswerving in allegiance

Unswerving- not changing or becoming weaker; steady or constant


Lord, I want to/am strivingto have an unswerving allegiance to You. I want to be steady and constant in You.

I know that all this should be Christian 101, but a lot of times I feel like we're given sayings and words, but we don't really break that down and decipher what it means and what it should mean to us.

If we (I) really trusted and had faith in God, MAJORITY of the things we (I) trip about we wouldn't let it get under our (my) skin.


Now that I've come to this realization, its helped me to grab the bull by the horns and really focus on what God has for me and I'm really excited. Don't get me wrong, this is EXTREMELY hard at times, but I truly trust and have faith in Him and with Him, I know failure isn't an option. 

So as we celebrate Ki Day, please keep in mind that in the words of one of my favorite podcssters:

Words Mean Things!

And not only do they mean things, they have power.


So make sure you're using your powers wisely.

**Random sidenote: I just watched Insecure, and I'm going to let Nathan finish, but I feel a way about them dismissing Daniel.๐Ÿ™„


This must be how #LawrenceHive feels๐Ÿ˜’.

Just saying.