So I'm currently sitting in the airport and I'm not ready to go back!!! 

Well... Let me rephrase. 

I'm NOT ready for this weather change,


but I'm ready to see my boo thang, 


I'm ready to see my momma, 

and I'm ready to start this new journey.

What new journey you ask? 

Well, as of Thursday, I'll no longer work where I've worked the majority of my 20's.

I can't lie, the thought of it TERRIFIED me. 


I've felt like it was time for me to move on for a while, but I've let a few things stop me. The strongest thing was my fear. 


What if I'm terrible at a new place? 

What if I'm not as good as I think I am? 

What if I leave the job I'm good at to go somewhere else and they fire me? 


One thing I will say is that this trip to Miami has helped me sort through those feelings in a place where I couldn't be influenced by other people's opinions. 


I dissected those feelings in a way I hadn't given myself a chance to do and I must say that I'm extremely excited now. 


Miami was the breath of fresh air and reset that I needed.


I'm sure a lot of this was due to my travel buddy Taneisha. We traveled to California together last year (read here about that) so I knew this trip would be just as dope as that one was. We came down here to help get her cousin Bre situated for school. 


I'm so excited for her to start this journey. She's going to be a dope chef!! 

As fast as Miami is, I wasn't overwhelmed by it. If anything, I felt really calm here and I'm taking that calmness back home with me. 


So if you are starting something new, go into it with a clear mind. It's normal to be nervous, but don't be so nervous that you talk yourself out of taking that necessary step.  

Someone once said that your evolution is right on the other side of your comfort zone. 

I couldn't agree more.