I May Not See It...

So let’s talk about November...

November was NOT my friend. 


A lot went down last month. Between not starting school, losing a car, getting into a car accident, getting another car and getting into ANOTHER car accident.... 





Two years ago when I got robbed and my car was stolen it was also in November, so I've come to the conclusion that November and I just aren't cool lol.

(side-note: shoutout to everyone who has been helping me during this time)


But guess what?

I have my health (and no one was hurt in the accidents),


I haven’t missed a check,


God has been BLESSING the kid!!!!,


and overall, unless I tell you, you wouldn’t know what’s going on with me.


Now with my new job I haven’t been able to go to church every Sunday like I use to. I like it though because it forces me to take responsibility and be more intentional when it comes to my relationship with God.


Now let my clarify, I’m not one of those people who believe that you don’t need to go to church. I miss my church family a lot and the lessons that I’ve learned there is helping me triumph during this season. I’m there whenever I can, but I understand why God has me in this position without them.

In my church we have this saying/song/war cry: “I may not see it, but I hear rain.”


I might be wrong, but I believe it started when we were talking about us getting a new church building (we should be officially in there January 2019). We might not see the blessings, but I hear them being prepared. I hear the circumstances aligning. I have faith and I believe it, regardless of what’s front of me.


I’ve been clinging to that in this time.

I don’t believe in taking on a victim mentality,


so instead of ‘why me?’, it should be ‘what am I supposed to be gaining from this?’ ‘How is this helping in my development?’


November was HARD and I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but guess what?


I’m determined to go through with expectancy that while I may not see why all this happened right now, I know that God is not going to let all this go down for no purpose. I expect to see growth. I expect change. I expect bigger and better things and I believe that this had to happen to strip away the things that was blocking those things.


Sometimes God gotta humble you to elevate you and chile I have been HUMBLED…


but that's ok because the elevation is coming🙌🏾


So with all that being said...

Don't suffer in silence and don't allow set backs to stop you. It's not always going to be peaches and cream. Sometimes you're going to have to fight for your peace and bonus points if you allow God to maintain that peace while you're going though!


I'll tell you though, once you get to the other side, I promise it's ALL worth it. 

Mind you, I'm not there yet, but I believe it because I hear the rain🧡.