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Consistency is πŸ”‘

Consistency is πŸ”‘

Is it just me, or is it still hard to believe it's 2018?


We're only a few days in, so everyone is still heavy on their 'new year, new me' kick and I just want to encourage you.


I understand the thought process behind waiting till the new year to want to change, but don't beat yourself up if you don't keep it up. At the end of last year, I wrote about how you didn't have to wait till the new year to change. That statement is still relevant. 


If you start doing something and for whatever reason you don't finish, you don't have to wait till some arbitrary time to start again. Start now.


The key to turning something into a habit is consistency, so if you fall off, don't trip, just keep going.  

Consider this your sign, push, or whatever you need to encourage you to keep going.


We're only five days in.

You got this. 

Make Sure You Have That Same Energy

Make Sure You Have That Same Energy