Make Sure You Have That Same Energy

Yesterday was a very special day. 

Yesterday we celebrated one of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement: 


He spent his life trying to better the lives of not only the people of the day, but future generations and as a recipient of his dream partially coming to fruition, I'm thankful.

Despite the strides we've made when it comes to race, yesterday felt especially heavy for me because of the current state of affairs in this country. 

We have a racist man as a president. 


It feels surreal to write that in 2018, but it's straight facts.

It's crazy because when 45 speaks, it's like he's the anti-MLK.

His bigotry and hatred for those classified as other seeps through daily and it's exhausting trying to digest it all. His latest blunder included disrespecting the country of Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries.


Y'all know what he said. I don't need to say it. 

And it's actually crazy. 


Yesterday, I saw plenty on acknowledgement of Dr. King's accomplishments and of course they're warranted, but guess what? 

Today, I want you to have that same energy. 


Of course it's politically correct to post how awesome MLK was on his birthday, but the same people quoting 'I have a dream' are some of the same people who granddad's didn't celebrate him till after his assassination and are riding with Trump and justifying his foolery now. 

Just stop. 


There is NO WAY you can justify Trump's history of racism and celebrate MLK's history of fighting against racism.

In this particular case, you have to choose a side. 

Dr. King believed in a non-violent approach to ending racism.


He believed that love was the answer and that everyone deserved to be treated equally. 


Does that sound like Trump to you? 

Look, I think it's dope they Dr. King gets the recognition that he rightfully deserves, but I ask you, besides posting on your IG, what are you doing in your day to day life to further his dream? 

If all you do is post, but you don't check your boy when he's being disrespectful to a woman, defend that trans-man or woman when someone is harassing them, call out that racist co-worker for that insensitive remark, or tell your favorite cousin that you can't laugh at that joke because it's problematic, then you're just as much the problem and you should rethink your position. 


In Trump's America, there are plenty of opportunities to fight against racism, sexism, and all the other -isms that Trump and his base has exhibited over the last few decades.


So again, make sure you have that same MLK, fight against oppression, fight against inequality, and fight against negativity energy everyday. 


The only way were going to see the promise land is if we carry the torch of Dr. King's dream forward. We can't let hate or fear extinguish it. 


Let's get to work.