Can we stop please? Please?

I know its been a minute! I've been going through A LOT at work, but I thank yall for working with me!

Yall really love me!

So I saw something on Twitter that really bothered me. It bothered me enough that I knew I had to write about it, so shoutout to this lol.


Can we please stop saying "I don't deal with black businesses because of (fill in the blank)" or "this is why I stick to white folks because (fill in blank)."

Please? Can we stop?


This is why.

I understand that some of this feeling comes from personal experience.

Everyone has a story about that one time Tyrone fell through or when Tonya didn't do something up to your standards.


Again, I get it, but why are you equating their skill set to their color?


Are you trying to tell me that Tony or Rebecca can't mess us because the lack melanin?


I'm just trying to understand.


Black businesses already have it hard.  Most people already give black folks side eye when it comes to business because of the millions of stereotypes attached to them and us as a people:

Black people are lazy.

Black people cut corners.

Black people are always late which equates to they can't stick to deadlines.


I could go on, but I digress.

Then, y'all want the black person to give you a discount or you expect them to be cheaper because they're black.


Do you realize how disrespectful that is?

They have families and goals and aspirations too that they want to achieve!

You don't mind funding Tom's goals, but Keisha's isn't worth of it?


Oh ok.

And all of this isn't on the consumer.

I had a bad experience with a small black beauty brand recently. It took them almost three months to send me my makeup and their communication skills where terrible majority of the time. I will never shop with them again, but guess what, there are plenty of other black beauty brands that will get these coins!!


There are black businesses that need to step their game up, but there are also ones that are amazing!! The problem is most of us operate out of convenience as opposed to quality and you won't take the time to research and see which is the best, or you don't want to pay what they charge.

Don't do business with them only because they're black, but do it because they're black and they've shown they're the best at whatever you need.


Also, let's be real. Businesses are ran by people. No one is on 24/7. We all have off days, but we're way more willing to forgive others then those who look like us.

Nae nae's grocery store could piss you off one time and you're never going back again, but EVERYONE has a Walmart horror story, but that doesn't stop you from taking advantage of those low prices, does it?

Why is that?


You are entitled to feel however you want, but to immediately shut down a person of color's business because you had a bad experience with someone else of that color is terrible, irresponsible, and ignorant to me and we gotta stop it.


Do better people.