9 days til...

Hey y'all!

How have y'all been? 

Y'all know what's coming up right??? 


#KiDay2017 will be in full effect very soon!! 


19 days to be exact!!


I'm so excited, but I won't bore you will my feelings about it because I wrote about it last year (click here to read).

Another reason I'm excited is because this September two amazing events will be happening in the city! (if you're in Cleveland lol). 

The first is Heal The Woman, Heal The Nation Conference hosted by Mended Inc.


Mended Inc. is a non profit organization that is on a mission to mend broken mother-daughter relationships worldwide. 

The organization was started by an amazing woman named Tierra who is so amazing and inspiring. One thing I admire about her is her bold love of love. You can tell she genuinely wants people to feel loved, wanted, and she wants them to win. She always leaves you feeling better than before she interacted with you. 

I know I went off talking about Tierra lol, but here's a link to a video of her talking about the event: 


If you can come, you should definitely give it a chance!

Then other event coming up is called Woman You Are Launch Event!


The purpose of this event is to help launch the Woman You Are ministry which helps women build better relationships with other women and themselves.

This ministry was started by my big sis Chevon. I love her so much!! She's one of the few people who will get me together when necessary and I don't feel a way because I know anything she says is coming from the right place. She's an amazing example of the woman I want to grow into. 

And her event is going to be AMAZING!!! 

I know a lot of people sleep on my city, but there are a lot of amazing and positive things happening here. You just have to know where to look. If you are interested in either one of these events, click on the name of the event and it will take you to that events page.


So I have these events, plus a Cali and DC trip, and  the Nas and Wale concert ❤️.

#KiDay2017 about to be