The secrets to Fearlessness

Hey y'all!! 

So I was having a conversation with someone the other day and the topic of fear came up. She said to me, "One of the things I love about you is your fearlessness." 


Who? Me? 

Girl lol. 

Don't get me wrong, I keep a firm


In my spirit, but fearless? No. 

In that conversation, I told her the secrets to my appeared fearlessness.

If you've been reading my blogs, then you know that at the end of last year, I was robbed at gunpoint (read that post here). During the robbery, I remember thinking,  "God I know you have things for me to do that I haven't done yet. I know you're not going to let me die here."

That's why I was arguing with the gunman.🙄 


But anyway...

Ever since that day though, and a few other situations, my outlook on life has changed.

The way I feel about my life has changed. 

And with that change, I've narrowed my freedom down to three words: 







I had to accept the I'm not perfect. Accept that the reason I'm not as close to some people as I want is because I'm anti social. Accept that I won't always feel 100% and that's ok. Accept that people with not understand everything that God has for me and that's ok.

Accept that the only consistency in life is change. 


I have to resist my flesh. Resist that nagging feeling that comes that makes me feel like I'm not good enough sometimes. Finally, resist the urge to fit in someone else's box when other people's response to my freedom is less than favorable.


Finally, to be flexible!  Like I said, the only consistency in life is change. I know that there are going to be things that happen that I don't like, expect, or enjoy, but be flexible enough to know:

1. There's a reason, known or unknown, that whatever is happening is on purpose. It's my responsibility to act the way God would want me to and to know that


2.   When it's all over, my testimony is going to be bomb!!!


In short, my freedom stems from knowing that as long as I stay accepting, resistant, and flexible, then I'm being true to myself and to the path I believe God is laying out for me.  

Everyone won't get it or you. And? 

Everyone won't get it or you. And? 

So you got this! 

Find your freedom and don't let anyone take it from you❤️. 

So now, I have a question: