Cape off, mask off

Sometimes we allow other people's opinions make it really hard for us to be us.


Well maybe y'all got it together, so I'll speak for myself.

Sometimes I felt like I don't have any space to feel anything expect uplifted and encouraged. Don't get me wrong, I pray that I can get to a place that is consistently positive, but guess what:


I've struggled with low self esteem, depression, and suicide, but in the past I've felt like I couldn't say anything because I'm Christan and I'm supppsed to always be good. Right?

That's a lot of pressure.


When I would try to say something, I would hear "just pray" or "you'll be alright. God is covering you."

These are both true, but guess what, mental health is a real thing and we have to take care of ourselves.

Depending on what you have going on, day to day life can be a lot. In our culture, its looked down upon to be seen as not having it all together. Vulnerability in NOT an option.


'Stong' and 'independent' are two words synonymous with black women. We're pretty much melanin infused Super Women with with a dope afro, weave, or wrap lol.


We wear a million hats and don't have the freedom to even look like one might be slipping, even when all hell is breaking loose.


For me, part of my problem was I wasn't taught how to give all it over to God and I was trying to do everything in my own strength. 

That's a stressful facade to have to keep up and I won't be doing it anymore.

Girl I'm tired.


I'm so thankful that I'm not held hostage by other people's expectations of me anymore.


I'm thankful that I have a circle where I can let my hair down and keep it all the way 💯. I can go and express whatever I need to without fear or judgment.


We all need that space and even if you don't have a circle, you have Him. 

Thinking about how God sees me and loves me has helped a lot. His perspective on me changed my perspective on everything else.

You might be thinking, "That's cool and everything, but I don't even where to start."


Don't worry:


A couple of weeks ago, God put this topic on my Pastor's heart and he put together a devotional to help renew your mind. It's been keeping me and I hope it helps you.


 (Click here to see the devotional)

It's ok to not be Super Woman everyday.

IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK, but we gotta learn what to do with those feelings.

God did not create us to carry loads alone and nothing is too big for Him. He said He would never leave us or forsake us, so why are you carrying the world on your shoulders when you can give it to the guy who created it in exchange for peace?

Let it go and let Him renew your mind. 

Xoxo 😘

Xoxo 😘