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Past Tense Struggles.

So I've been asked to speak to some girls!!


I have so many feelings about this! Excited, humbled, scared, but ready...

This has been a long time coming for me.

I was sitting here scrolling through my Facebook and I came across this note I posted in 2011. It says:

"Transparency and vulnerability are states of being that I used to rarely find myself in.

Too afraid to deal with the real issues, I hid behind work, my anger, and him.

I let my feelings get buried behind everyone eles’s

Hoping that helping them deal with their pain would somehow dull mine…

Then one day I asked God to change me

Remove the things that were unlike Him and re-arrange me

Then it happened.

Every skeleton that I had hid in every crevice of my life was exposed

Yanked out and shoved in my face until I couldn’t do anything except deal with them.

I told the Lord I wasn’t ready

That maybe I had gotten ahead of myself

But then I heard,

“How can you expect to help girls like you if you won’t even admit who you are to yourself?”

So as I sifted through my broken pieces and truly started to examine myself,

I started to truly see the power of God

Because if He could take the mangled mess that was my life

and turn it around for His glory,

Then I could trust Him with everything

My heart,

My finances,

My life….

God you are my everything.

And I love you."

After I read it, all I could do was thank God. The journey to self love and acceptance had been a long one, but God had been so faithful and consistent in His dealings with me... 

Here's a video of me talking about it a little bit last year when I used to do host a weekly Periscope.

Now I get to share that with others...

Thank you Lord❤️ .

Cape off, mask off

Cape off, mask off

Friendly Reminders...

Friendly Reminders...