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Hey y'all!! 

It's that time of year where we as a country celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans known as Black History Month!! (regardless of what Trump wants to call it 🙄)


I've been interested to see how BHM would be handled under this administration and let's just say I haven't been surprised so far.

And yes, I know it's early in the month, but if common sense hasn't taken over yet when it comes to international situations, it's unrealistic for me to believe that it'll kick in when it comes to black people. 

But anyways... 


I want to encourage you to think out of the box this black history month. I love Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks just as much as everyone else, but there is more to our history then just them. Go out of your way to learn something new and be inspired by it. Here are a few names to start with:

Robert Small  


With everything going on in the world, it's important to know that our history didn't begin with slavery and it doesn't end with the Obama's. 

We go work to do, so go, read up on some people and think about how you can help further a cause.


But let's get to work.



Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot

'Never Again' is now.

'Never Again' is now.