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Stop Playing🃏

Stop Playing🃏


It's December. 

How is it the end of 2017??


I've been looking back over this year like...


To say the least lol. 

But with only 20 days left in 2017, this is the time of year when everyone goes into resolution mode:

I'm going to lose 20 pounds


I'm going to start that business/start school


I'm going to leave [insert person you KNOW you don't have any business meeting with].


What we don't realize though is that we don't have to wait for 2018 to start making our lives better. 

Your can start today.

In this moment.

Right now. 


Everyday we are blessed to wake up and are given the opportunity to a be better person than the day before. Why do we put off bettering ourselves to some arbitrary time frame that MOST of us don't event stick to?


That thing that you've been wanting to do? 


Between you and me, we know why you've been dragging your feet and you're putting it off til next year. You keep telling yourself:


But don't be!! New Year Resolutions are a fearful person or procrastinator's best friend. Don't let other people or your fear stop you from being great.


Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and hit the ground running TODAY and watch how your blow-up will be 🔥🔥🔥!



No Such Thing As a Loss

No Such Thing As a Loss

Anti-Social Butterfly🦋