It's a New Season🍁🍂

Hey y'all!

As y'all know, fall is officially here, so you know what that means: 

Cuffing Season is in full effect!

For those of you who don't know, Cuffing Season is: 

thanks Urban Dictionary

thanks Urban Dictionary

And I get it! 

The temperature is starting to drop and no one is trying to be outside when the snow hits, so you find someone to Netflix and Chill with full time.


But wait girl (and guys) ...


You know that person that all of a sudden has time and is trying to rock with you? The one who's been blowing you up lately and wants to come over and just hang out? The one you barely could get on the phone a few weeks ago?

Where were they during the summer months? 

I know, I know...

The summer is for sowing your wild oats,

Going out with your friends,


And not being tied down


but at the same time, someone who really likes you and has good intentions would've been laying the groundwork months ago, regardless of the temperature.


I just want you to be smart and intentional with your time and your heart. 

We live in a time where it's cool to not care and to use people. We glorify infidelity and boast about being side pieces.


We're cool running through each other because we don't expect anything to last for long. 

Even the term 'Cuffing Season' implies that whatever you have is only going to last for a few months. You'll mess around in cuffing season and end up in a situationship (which I hate🙄).


So with that being said, don't entertain this season unless it's what you really want. If you're just looking for a warm body til Spring comes (which I don't condone, but I get it), then this is perfect for you.


If you want something real, 


Something genuine, 


Something that will last long term, 


Then this approach isn't for you. Whenever you meet someone (or if they've already been around) make sure both of you guys are on the same page. Tell them your intentions and make sure their actions match up with their words.


It's possible to get through this in one piece and if you play your cards right, whatever you start might be able to last longer than a season❤️😊.