He's Intentional

This Trump thing has been crazy, but I promised myself a while ago that I wouldn't let it drive me crazy. One way of doing that is controlling my dollars. I promised myself that I would not purposely fund any person or business that endorsed/interacted/treated Trump like he or his presidency was normal.

Because girl, it's not.

Because girl, it's not.

And I had been doing a really good job. 

Until Travis Greene. 

My girls and I decided to go to The Worship Tour stop in Detroit next month. Somehow I became the point person for the trip. I had finally gotten everyone's money for it and bought the tickets early on the 20th before I went to work. Because I knew what the day was, I fully immersed myself in my tasks so I could ignore the foolery. 

During my break, I hopped on twitter (follow me!). I was scrolling down my timeline and a few people I follow were talking about Travis Greene. The first few posts I ignored until I saw one with a story attached talking about him performing during the inauguration.




My first thought was to get my money back because girl, I'm not the one. I was already in my feelings because a few days ago I had to delete all of my Chrisette Michele music from my playlists because she tried it too.


Once I realized that I wasn't getting my money back though, I stopped and started to think. God knows his child. I've been living on Twitter lately, so God is the only reason that I didn't pay attention to those posts until after I bought the tickets. Then I did some research. I looked up Travis Greene and read his reasoning for taking the engagement. Even though I still have a slight eye roll in my spirit, I get it. It made me think of a post that my Pastor put up a few weeks ago:


There will be times that God will call us to do things that will cause others to give us the side eye and call us problematic (which is a whole other post that I might write). If God told him to do it, then I can't be mad at that and I pray for that level of discernment and boldness.


I also pray that he was effective and he pricked someone's heart. (I'm sure the check didn't hurt either😒. Just saying.)

But if he's just being greedy, then God will handle it.

Truth is, we'll really never know, so as I get ready to go on this trip with my girls, I know one thing for sure: 

God truly is intentional and he must have something special for me in Detroit that he didn't want me to miss out on because of my flesh. 

Because like I said earlier, He knows His child and He knows I don't play about my coin.

Side eyeing Travis like.. 

Side eyeing Travis like.. 

So I'm ready and full of expectancy. 

Here we go... 



Xoxo- Ki💋