So can we get naked, oh nah?

If you know me, then you know that one thing that is near and dear to my heart on this journey of Christianity is getting naked.

I don't mean in the physical, but in other ways...

I'm referring to transparency of course😉

One of my biggest issues with church folk is that they act like they came out is the womb saved. They live by this sin hierarchy that makes them feel like they can look down on someone because they feel like their sin isn't as bad as someone else's.

I hate that. 

If we are being completely honest, no one has it all the way together. Everyone has something they can work on and I believe that it is your responsibility to self evaluate and challenge yourself to keep growing. As you're growing, God will give you the opportunities to share with others the areas you've grown in.

And yea, they might look at you differently. 

Yea, they may judge you. 

Yea, they might receive the key to their breakthrough. 

Yea, you might plant the seed to their freedom. 

You never know what your testimony will do for someone else. 

One of the reasons I named my blog Truth and Love United is because as you get into God and discover your truth, you will begin to realize that you can't just be able to call others out, but you gotta be able to turn that mirror on yourself. Be honest with yourself and love yourself enough to keep it 💯. Once you've gained that, you'll be able to share your truth with others in love and with wisdom.

That's why I don't mind telling y'all my dirt because: 

1. I'm an example that you can fall off and come back. 

2. I want you to get to a place that you can share your testimony with a spirit of triumph but humility and I don't mind having to be the example.

3. I went through it, so maybe I can tell you how it went for me, which will cause you to make a different decision. 

So, are we going to get naked, or nah? 

Are we going to be honest, or nah? 

Are you going to get and maintain your freedom, or nah? 

Just let me know. 

Because I'm here.

Naked and ready. 

XOXO- Akira💋💋 

XOXO- Akira💋💋