So What's Good?!


Sometimes I feel like I'm a walking sound board. People will ask me questions, ask for my opinion, or just tell me all their business for the sake of getting it out. I love it because:

1. You trust me enough to be transparent with

2. You trust I'll give sound advice

I'm truly humbled by this and I appreciate it.  Since I've started this blog, I've gotten quite a few questions that people ask me to give my two cents on. I usually just respond and keep going, but after a convo I had with my aunt a few months ago (Hey Auntie Deb) and some prayer, I've decided to make it a part of my site! 

What's good?! (Will go down in hood history lol) 

What's good?! (Will go down in hood history lol) 

So from now on, if you want me to answer a question or you want my opinion on something, all your have to do is click on the 'What's Good?!' tab, fill in your info and I'll post your question and my answer! Now if you want to be anonymouus that's fine, but make sure you let me know in your question.



I'm so excited to be able to share some more of my opinion with you guys.

And don't worry, my regular blog posts aren't going anywhere☺️