Time To Go Save the World!! (Hopefully)

It felt like we'd never get here. 

Election day!! 

I'm so happy to get this behind us because we have a lot of healing we need to do as a country. So many things have been done and said that truly have me looking at people I've known a long time side ways.

To be fair, I feel like Obama set me up. My first two voting experiences helped put him in the white House and I was so proud. I still am. I was so excited to exercise my right to vote that I didn't mind waiting in line. I didn't mind having to explain my hyphenated name. I didn't mind the two old ladies that asked to cut me because they'd been waiting two hours and didn't know how much longer they're legs could take it.

Now, home girls might just have to get to the back of the line like the rest of us lol. 

I'm joking, but I don't feel that same excitement this time around. I feel morally obligated to make sure that Hitler Jr. doesn't make it into the White House. Let me be clear: they are both problematic.   Between emails, public and private positions, super predators, and possible pay for play, Hillary makes me less than enthusiastic about her possibly being the first woman president.

People say, "I can't vote for her. She's a liar." So is he, but anyway...

They both have done things that irk my soul,but Trump is a whole other level.

I'm sort of a history nerd, so I love watching documentaries. A couple months ago, I watched one about Hitler and his rise in Germany. What always sticks out to me is that on his rise, he told them his intentions and they kept saying, "He won't do that. He's not very bright. Don't worry about him." 

Any of this ringing a bell? 

We laughed when Trump said he was going to run. We thought, "He won't make it past the primaries." 

He made it past. 

"Ok. He won't get the nomination though. "

He got the nomination (and accepted it in my home town which annoyed me even more).

And he got there saying some of the most ignorant, bigoted, sexist, and racist things that I have heard someone say publicly.

I will give him one thing though: he's been very honest about his intentions the entire time. 

He's going to build a wall. 

He's going to keep Muslims out. 

He's going to make it normal to let your bigotry flag fly proudly.

Which is probably why the KKK endorsed him 😒.


And on top of all that, his policies have the nerve to suck. 

The next president will get to pick possibly up to three Supreme Court judges. We've never had that before and they can effect the laws of our land for the next fifty to sixty years. If we allow him to become president, he will have the ability to cause reprehensible damage that our grand children or possibly great-grandchildren will have to deal with.

I can't live with that. 

Not to mention all the people that fought and died for me to have this right, so I will go early (hopefully so I don't have to wait) and cast my vote in what I believe to be the lesser of two evils. I think Bill Maher said it best:

So please, please, please do your part to save the world today. 

And if he wins, I pick the shady side the plantation.