Sometimes we just need to be loved on.

I love everybody, even those who haven't always loved me. 

My brother and I (pre glo up) lol

My brother and I (pre glo up) lol

I haven't always loved being a black girl. Growing up, I went to a Catholic school which was predominantly white. In my class I was one of three children of color, two girls and one boy. Even with that, I was the darkest girl and had natural hair before it was hot to do so. I was picked on and called quite a few names, which always messed with my self esteem. It got to the point that I hated being "so dark" (in comparison to my white classmates) and I hated my curly hair because it made me stand out. 

My skin made me different. 

My hair made me other. 

My momma went out of her way to combat those negative feelings, but I couldn't hear her over the multiple voices that contradicted her.

It took years for me to quiet those voices. 

My mommy and I ❤️ 

My mommy and I ❤️ 

That's why encouraging and promoting self love is so important to me. I know I'm not the first nor will I be the last black girl made to feel like my blackness made me less than, but I'm not less than.

And neither are you. 

Your skin, hair, curves, bulges, flatness, fatness, skinniness, whatever does not define you. 

You are amazing. 

You are in unique. 

You are created in God's image. 

And God is not less than, so neither are you. 




So when we say:


I love me,

or simply,  


Don't touch my hair and this is for us (shoutout to Solange), 

We're speaking to the fact that sometimes it's hard being wrapped in the skin we're in, but despite that, I'm going to keep my head up high and keep pushing.

Me saying I love me doesn't mean that I don't love people who don't look like me, but it's important for me to make sure that people who do look like me know that they are loved, wanted, and important as well.

So embrace somebody today. 

Love on someone today. 

You never know how you'll positively influence someone's day. 


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